While Sony is still a huge name on the planet of electronic devices, their presence in the United States– as much as mobile phones goes– is diminishing. A fast search on any website marketing electronic devices shows Sony offering TVs, cams, sound speakers, as well as finally, cellular phone. It could simply be time for Sony trembles things up a bit.

In a current publishing on the United States License and Hallmark Office web site, Sony has set out the foundation for a product that would certainly alter the means you regulate not just your mobile phone, however additionally other electronic devices around you. This ‘wearable input device’ — shown as a ring in the patent photos — would certainly house sensing units that would have the ability to detect activity and various other interactions made by the user using the device.

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Sony’s license is not just for the wearable itself yet for a whole system that would receive instructions from the wearable and afterwards output that information to various gadgets such as phones, tablets, and tvs. There is not way too much details right now about exactly what showcases the wearable input device would be able to do when interacting with various other tools yet ideally it is greater than simply relocating items around onscreen.

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Below is Sony’s ‘short’ description of the wearable input system itself:

‘Em bodiments include an electronic input system, which has a wearable input gadget having an accelerometer and also wiring set up for a procedure detection mechanism as well as an input communication mechanism The operation detection system gets acceleration information from the accelerometer to detect an input event. The electronic input system likewise has a very first electronic device having wiring for a very first communication mechanism, a first event analyzer, a screen display screen, and an initial data interaction system. The digital input system also has a second electronic gadget having wiring set up momentarily communication system, a second event analyzer, a second information communication system, a display combining mechanism, and a screen display. Personifications likewise consist of a method of interacting an occasion between an input device and one or more digital portable devices, such as the very first digital tool and the second electronic device.’

We have actually seen lots of companies assure ring-shaped and wearable activity controllers in the past but not provide on capability when the item hit the market. Might Sony be the business making this future come to life?

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