Sony’s electronics division may be in a downturn, however it does not intend on fading silently into the evening. To spur technology at the firm, Sony has established up internal teams to develop special crowdfunded jobs that may not or else see the light of day.

The newest is a smartwatch called the Wena Wrist, and it separates itself from the competition by placing its modern technology in the device’s wristband instead of the watch face’s housing.

In the video clip (listed below) displaying the Wena Wrist, which looks a great deal like a tradition analog watch, we’re informed that the device could act as an electronic budget, activity tracker as well as has the capacity to deliver notices.

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For the digital budget features, the smartwatch utilizes Japan’s long utilized FeliCa modern technology, an RFID contactless settlement heating and cooling unit. When it comes to alerts, the band will either shake or beam a discreet LED lights alert (which can be established to 7 various shades). As for tracking your task, a connected iOS app will check your actions and compute calories burned.

While all this is happening behind-the-scenes, the watch face will certainly proceed on doing exactly what many watches do best: Telling you the moment and date.

So what at first noises like a substantial waste of area by not utilizing the watch face’s casing to cram in tech features as well as parts, upon more consideration starts to seem like a quite brilliant means making a smartwatch less noticeable. Instead of regularly considering your smartwatch for information, you could let it function as an easy wrist watch, with any sort of added features relegated to simple nudges throughout the day.

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And unlike the Apple Watch, which requires asking for daily, the Wena Wrist’s cost lasts for up to a week.

The Sony task has currently surpassed its funding objective of approximately $80,000 on the company’s First Air travel crowdfunding system, so this is certainly visiting get on the wrists of Japanese customers quickly.

Prices for the various versions of the smartwatch array from $330 on as much as $575, with the first models of the device shipping in March of 2016.