Soundbrace, newest technology

The Soundbrace is a distinct device that enables you to practice your guitar without needing to bring it around with you. It includes two wrist bands that track your fingers placement and distance in between your hands to resemble the guitar notes though the integrateded headset jack.

Product Description

This product consists of 2 comfy and effortlessly modifiable wrist cuffs with developed in headset jack as well as micro-USB port. The Soundbrace is conveniently calibrated by wearing the combined wrist cuffs while playing on an actual guitar. Once the tool registers you’re playing design you could take them anywhere you go as well as could practice whenever you really want. Additionally the micro-USB permits you to synch with your computer system as well as allows for charging of the devices.

Does it work?

Not having to carry a guitar around with you to practice is a huge weight off of your shoulders, essentially. While it takes some obtaining utilized to you could start shaking out immediately. As soon as the gadget is synched to your play style you could begin engaging in right away. You can practice in transit, going to and also from work, stuck in traffic, anywhere that you really want to could be an impromptu session. No more will you need to carry your guitar around to be able to engage in at lunch or need to fret about potentially leaving it someplace or someone attempting to run off with it. In addition both wrist cuffs are no larger compared to a regular watch band making them both undetectable with long sleeves along with practical to utilize. The most effective part is that you can rock out without troubling everybody around you with the built in headphone jack. You could also connect speakers using the headset jack to have your very own jam session any place you go.


Overall the Soundbrace is a terrific tool for any individual looking to enter even more method time however either can’t or don’t wish to need to bring their guitar with them any place they go. Nonetheless, you do not get the exact same feel as you finish with a real guitar. Generally speaking the Soundbrace is a wonderful addition to your guitar playing arsenal but shouldn’t be a main one. Naturally you could acquire some amusing looks in the train or lift while you exercise but having the capacity to obtain in a couple of minutes of practice on the go will certainly maintain your skills sharp beyond the practice sessions.