We love wearables, as well as we agree to wager that if you’re reading this site, you do also. Smartwatches and also other wearable devices are prominent amongst gadget enthusiasts, however the average individual isn’t on board. Gadgets like the Moto 360, as well as the Apple Watch, haven’t marketed nearly along with mobile phones or tablet computers. Why is that? A current study might have the answer.

According to a survey from Juniper Research study, 1 in 5 customers are not prepared to spend greater than $175 on a wearable tool. Clearly, this elimates the majority of the leading smartwatches from customer factor to consider. Juniper goes on to recommend that the reason people aren’t going to invest much on wearables is the absence of persuading use-cases. No person is visiting spend a great deal of money on something they don’t understand the best ways to use.

However, items with a focus on health and fitness are a lot more popular among the typical person. They generally set you back less compared to $175, and also the physical fitness features offer them a clear use-case. You can possibly see these results in your daily life. It’s not unusual to see a person putting on a Fitbit, however tools like the Moto 360 are rare.

The results of this study are not shocking. Many people believe that cell phones cost $199 since of years of conditioning from service providers. It’s not surprising that they do not intend to pay and even more for a device they don’t require. Technology smart individuals know ways to make use of these tools, and also they are eager to spending on them.