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Last Thursday, we lastly viewed the extremely expected securities market IPO of Fitbit (FIT).

While prominent tech IPOs constantly whip the marketplace right into a frenzy, there’s no question that wearable modern technology is one of the fastest-growing technology industries.

Unlike a few other fads that are heavy on buzz but short on material, this one is legit.

Case in factor: Israeli firm Nuvo Team has created a groundbreaking new item for pregnant women.

The PregSense is a wearable tool that constantly keeps track of the wellness of expected children, sending out the information to the user’s mobile phone (as well as physicians) via Bluetooth.

According to one PregSense individual, “It links me a lot a lot more with the fetus. I’ll hear it whenever I desire and also it will be simpler for me. I additionally will not have to depend on a medical professional. At any kind of provided time, I’ll have the ability to attach, to view and also hear.”

Needless to say, with the ability to check a baby’s health any time, it will certainly enable physicians to react to any sort of issues far quicker. And also just like anything health-related, the earlier an issue is identified and detected, the better chance there is of a good outcome.

As Nuvo Advisory Board Participant as well as medical professional, Professor Varda Shalev, states, “It’s the very first time that you have a big quantity of information of women as well as babies together– points like heart price, kickings, the location of the unborn child, and so on– as well as we’ll be able to assess this information to forecast regarding pregnancy events, like pre-term work, pre-eclampsia, as well as more– and also we’ll have the ability to intervene in the appropriate time.”

As it is now, ladies which experience problems in the late stages of pregnancy are admitted to the medical facility and checked with massive, static devices and also ultrasonic scans. Aside from the raised mobility that PregSense offers, Nuvo additionally says the sensing units on its wearable device are safer than ultrasound, which could often create cells damage.

Here’s a look at exactly how it works …