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When it pertains to obtaining a cancer diagnosis, glioblastoma is among one of the most crushing verdicts you could possibly get.

That’s considering that this specifically aggressive kind of cancer shrinks life span to around two years.

That’s exactly what occurred to Elizabeth Marek. She was 26 weeks expectant with her second kid when she instantly started enduring severe headaches.

She at first figured the discomfort was merely migraines, yet offered the frequency and also seriousness, she visited the physician. Result?

“It ended up being a growth that was the size of my fist on the left side of my brain as well as it was pushing the left brain into the best mind location.”

The problem was so severe that medical professionals said she would certainly have passed away if she ‘d waited 2 weeks much longer to go to the hospital.

Emergency surgical treatment eliminated the lump as well as, after hesitating eight weeks to provide Marek’s coming child even more time to establish, she began radiation and chemotherapy.

But despite that, a brand-new growth formed … as well as that’s when medical professionals decided to attempt a very innovative brand-new treatment.

Electric fields.

Zapping Cancer cells With Electricity

At the University of Washington, St. Louis, oncologist Dr. George Ansstas fitted Marek with a gadget called Optune.

Developed by Novocure, it’s a backpack that feeds electrodes that are affixed to her head. The electrodes sell highly asked for bits that produce an electric area and also attack brain cancer cells. Specifically, they block further department of cancerous cells in the brain.

As Dr. Ansstas clarifies, “The fragments in the cells contribute in department and if you subject those cells to this electro-magnetic field, you could disrupt that procedure and lead cells to fatality.”

It works, too.

In professional tests, the therapy grew individuals’ lives by an average of 3 months. Now, you could not assume that’s considerably, but when you basically have a death penalty, every moment counts.

Looking at individuals 2 years after medical diagnosis– ideal around completion of their typical life span– Dr. Ansstas says that “around 43 % of those individuals [on the electric area therapy] endure.” That’s compared with simply 29 % with patients that really did not utilize the device.

For Marek directly, the outcomes have been better. She puts on the device for 18 hrs a day, and also after merely two weeks, the size of her lump had actually reduced by a tremendous 30 %.

In enhancement, the physicians report that there’s no quantifiable sign of cancer cells in her brain.

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