As tech enthusiasts, we understand that full-fledged smartwatches could be very excellent at showing you heaps of info at a glance, but for some folks, fitness tracking is all they really need or want from a wearable. Samsung is wishing to take advantage of this market with a brand-new wearable for the females, focused on helping ladies stay on top of their fitness goals.

It’s called the Samsung Appeal as well as although any kind of gender can use one, it certainly seems to have a lot more womanly design to it depending upon your tastes. Available in 3 sophisticated colors – Gold, Black and also Rose Quartz – the Charm showcases a little pebble-like digital pedometer (for tracking actions, not informing you the likelihood of somebody being a. , don’t bother) that links to your mobile phone making use of Bluetooth.

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Using the ‘Beauty by Samsung’ application, customers will certainly be able to track how several actions they have actually taken throughout the day, distance covered, and calories melted. Charm can additionally notify individuals of inbound calls, texts, as well as various other notifications, all functions that could be set up making use of the app. Naturally, you can expect complete compatibility with Samsung’s S Health and wellness app.

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With 14-day battery life and also a low-asking rate of $40, Appeal by Samsung could possibly be the best fit for those that do not require all the added frills of a real smartwatch (also, you understand … like telling the real time). Obviously it’s already been offered in South Korea, Italy, France and also Russia, however Samsung states you’ll be seeing it in brand-new markets later this year.