This Standalone Smartwatch Is Designed for Both Children and Senior Citizens, wearables

Dutch-inspired design law firm Burg is introducing a brand-new tool in the expanding smartwatch arena that singlehandedly targets two divergent demographics: youngsters and also elderly people.

Dubbed the 31, the watch functions as a standalone phone with a consisted of SIM card, as well as thus should not to be tethered to an additional cell phone in order to put telephone calls or send messages. However, it can be attached to a mobile phone using Bluetooth if preferred, according to the company.

To this end, moms and dads can monitor the whereabouts of their youngsters via GENERAL PRACTITIONER monitoring and also senior citizens can make one-touch phone calls in the event of an unexpected emergency. ‘This special 911 emergency feature replaces the stereotyped, awkward and also expensive ‘I have actually dropped’ pendant that seniors have an aversion to using as a result of the stigma it produces,’ Burg stated in a statement.

The watch does not supply an Internet internet browser, baseding on the business, as a safety safety measure for children. Its face showcases analog timekeeping hands.

Boasting a two-day battery life and water-resistant framework, the Burg 31 is offered in 8 shades, varying from the sophisticated to the kid-friendly. It is valued at $129.

Burg was established in 2009 by Dutch way of living layout pro Hermen van den , whose work has actually decorated the alleys of Ikea and Target. The business, which claims it is committed to the concept of a ‘smarter smartwatch,’ vends a total amount of 11 ‘smartwatch phone’ designs.