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One of the most spoken about subjects concerning Apple’s brand-new AirPods is the problem of some that the slippery tools will, like EarPods, slip out of your ears and also obtain lost.

Tim Cook ultimately responded to those issues in a meeting on Good Morning America on Wednesday. 

When host Robin Roberts asked him regarding the problem of shedding the costly ($ 159) phones, Cook right away entered into Apple discussion mode.

First describing the layout and capability of the AirPods’ magnetic instance, he after that offered a brand-new viewpoint on a concern lots of have been asking.

‘ I’ve been wearing them [AirPods] for some time,’ stated Cook. ‘As well as due to the fact that they do not have cords on them … The cables can help the earbud to drop out, because it applies weight on those. By trimming the cords, I have never ever directly had one [AirPod] drop out.’

So that’s been the issue all these years, the cords!

For some, Cook’s reasoning could restore memories of the ‘you’re holding it incorrect’ excuses given during the iPhone 4’s ‘antennagate’ fiasco. In this instance, Apple’s explanation at least appears to make sense. 

Without the cords drawing down on the EarPods, logic would certainly dictate that there would be fewer occasions for the tools, which share the exact same earbud style as the AirPods, to slide out.

‘ I have actually gotten on treadmills, strolling, doing all the points that I ‘d generally do,’ said Chef in explaining the circumstances when he made use of the AirPods successfully without having them slip out.

However, only real life testing by users with all kinds of ear canal shapes will truly provide us a conclusive answer. The AirPods will be offered in late October, so we’ll recognize soon.