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In the United States, it’s approximated that 1 in 5 female university pupils will be the victim of sex-related assault.

That number led two engineering graduates from the College of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to produce The Shadow, a new wearable safety and security device that serves as a mini ‘Panic Switch.’ The bluetooth-enabled gadget, which is somewhat larger than a quarter, sends a pre-programmed notification to a smarthphone when triggered through the click of a button.

The Shadow grants the user to set up and conserve various emergency situation scenarios – low and high intensity – so that the tool sends varying pre-determined messages to different pre-determined folks relying on whether the button is tapped or held. Using the phone’s GPS, Shadow additionally sends the customer’s area whenever an alert is set off. The gadget also includes a tactile sign that supplies comments when an alert is sent out by means of a shaking motor.

‘We intended to produce a simple tool that would make anybody really feel secure,’ says Nishana Ismail, founder of Servabo, the firm behind The Shadow. ‘I myself have really felt threatened, and have actually had several pals in risky scenarios where making a call isn’t really feasible. Having the Shadow at your fingertips you simply should press the switch as well as a personalized alert will certainly be sent for you immediately.’

Servabo – which originates from the Latin servāre, indicating ‘to monitor’ or ‘maintain guard’ – was launched in 2013 after founders Ismail as well as Tim Deppen wished to utilize their design backgrounds to create something that would make campuses much safer. The Shadow is their first and front runner item. The company also advertises safety and protection in Illinois by partnering with several local non-profit organizations, like YWCA Evanston, the Ella Mae Structure, and RAINN.

This week, Servabo released a crowdfunding project on indiegogo to increase understanding as well as resources for the device. The Shadow has actually raised over $6,000 in its first three days and also has a goal of $60,000. And also unlike other security gadgets on the market, the device does not bring any kind of month-to-month registration costs, it’s presently readily available for pre-order for a level $25.

The price of the product is a crucial part of the layout. The low cost point allows even more folks, particularly pupils, to have access to The Shadow.

Said Ismail, ‘We merely really want individuals to have peace of mind in their day-to-day circumstances.’