TomTom does much much more with its satellite navigation modern technology compared to putting it in cars. Its range of sports watches squeezes the GPS receiver onto your wrist to allow you monitor your workout and story training paths. The Multi-Sport evaluated right here is a four-in-one watch designed to track several activities, not just running, so can be optimal if you want to vary your exercise.

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The Multi-sport is in fact comprised of two components, a rubber strap as well as removable watch face. This makes it simple to exchange out the layout for a better (or more subtle) colour, as well as clean down the band if it gets sweaty. The strap is extremely comfy, locking securely in place whatever your wrist dimension thanks to twelve smartly spaced gaps, and also the watch itself is rather small. It rests much flatter on the wrist than the competition from Adidas, as well as we had no problem suitable it under a tee shirt cuff.

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TomTom’s ‘One-button’ command rests just below the watch face, although it’s in fact a four-way directional pad as opposed to a single switch. It makes navigating via the food selections incredibly straightforward, Backwards and forwards scroll through menus, appropriate chooses an option and also left returns you to the previous screen. There’s likewise a touch-sensitive strip on the watch face that switches on the backlight, so you could clearly view the screen when out in the evening.

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Once you’re ready to work out, pushing ideal opens up the training food selection. The aptly-named Multi Sport provides you the option between swimming, cycling and also operating, either outside or on a treadmill.

For swimming, the Multi-Sport is 50m water immune. However, it uses the built-in accelerometer to measure your movements as opposed to GENERAL PRACTITIONERS. You additionally need to set swimming pool length, so it isn’t specifically fit to open up water swimmers.

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Cyclists will certainly should purchase a cadence meter in order to track rate while the watch monitors your route and distance travelled, but this brings in dramatically to the cost of the watch. The Multi-Sport is appropriate with heart rate displays and bike cadence meters, but just by means of Bluetooth Smart– if you have alreadying existing ANT+ equipment they will not work here.

If you aren’t intending on buying the cadence meter for biking, we believe TomTom’s Runner watch is a much more sensible acquisition compared to the Multi-sport. It sets you back ₤ 200 with a packed heart rate screen, contrasted to ₤ 280 for the Multi-Sport as well as its different sensors.


TomTom uses a combination of GPS and GLONASS positioning to track your workout, yet we located it frequently had a hard time to find an indicator in main Greater london. Out in the countryside we had no issues whatsoever, it synced within thirty secs and we excelled to go, yet back in the city we routinely needed to hesitate over a min. You cannot begin running or cycling up until the watch has actually obtained a GPS signal as well as the GPS chip is handicapped till you need it to conserve battery, which is the major reason for the hold-up. Despite having QuickGPSFix, which keeps in mind where you were when you work activated GENERAL PRACTITIONER and attempts to relocate you faster than needing to lock with numerous satellites, it isn’t an immediate process. We would favor the alternative to begin a workout and have GENERAL PRACTITIONERS come by as soon as an indicator has been secured, as opposed to need to fill in the cold till your watch provides you the OKAY to start running.

We invested most this review in the running and also treadmill modes. As GPS isn’t enabled for treadmill workouts you could start instantly, with the screen presenting 2 measuring metrics of your finding. We opted for time and also range, with distance taking over the majority of the screen and also time resting below, yet you can swap out either metric for an alternating one such as heart price, speed or calories melted. It was consistently according to the readout from the treadmill, simply differing by 10-20 meters at most.

Runners that tackle the very same option on a regular basis can race ghost versions of themselves utilizing the race function, which replicates TomTom’s satnav interface with drifting arrows and roads. You can additionally decide to establish particular time, distance or calorie objectives, established interval workouts or monitor specific heart price areas to get one of the most effective workout. Whenever the watch requires your attention it vibrates and beeps, although you could disable the beeping if you don’t intend to underscore yourself while at the gym.

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The Multi-sport just has a little amount of internal memory, so you’ll should sync it consistently to TomTom’s MySports web site to maximize space for more exercises. At the time of composing, the guaranteed MultiSport application had yet to arrive in the iOS application store as well as there’s no indicator of an Android release either, so you’re connected to a PC or Mac for upgrading and syncing your exercises to the MySports web page. Aggravatingly there’s no Micro USB port on the watch either– you need to remove it from the strap and also link it to the bundled USB cradle each time you would like to sync or charge. Considering it supports Bluetooth Smart, we desire it were possible to sync wirelessly.

This does at the very least maintain electric battery drainpipe to a minimum. The screen could not be eInk however it utilizes hardly any power, so with GPS off we can handle practically 2 weeks without should ask for the watch. With a several hours of exercise each day, that reduced to merely under a week.

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The TomTom website outlines your work on a map, but it isn’t really interactive

The internet site is rather marginal, yet consists of crucial details and also data tracking such as distance took a trip, calories melted, workout duration, pace and also heart price– assuming you’re using an appropriate heart rate display. Your totals are split in between running as well as treadmills, with separate speed as well as distance tracking to view just how much time is invested inside versus outdoors.

Your exercise routes are sketched on to a digital map, with extra information such as elevation offered once you select a thorough failure. You could track your rate at any type of offered minute on a run, but without an HRM the details available isn’t really as comprehensive just like various other physical fitness watches we have actually attempted. Treadmill workouts just track speed and heart rate. We would have suched as to have actually seen some type of training planner or calendar to book in specific exercises, rather than merely review past runs.

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You could track your regular monthly total amounts to view whether you’ve been slacking off

TomTom has actually at been aggressive with user complaints and problems, we got a number of firmware updates during assessing the Multi-Sport, with each one boosting or adding brand-new features. A lengthy listing of impending functions could be found on the TomTom assistance website, consisting of support for common sporting activities or tasks for anybody would like to monitor extra workouts. This is great information for anybody that gets a Multi-sport today, as they will certainly be getting additional features at no extra cost.

At ₤ 180, the Multi-Sport is a moderately valued physical fitness tracker, although you’ll have to spend a lot more on suitable heart price screens and also cadence meters to obtain one of the most from it. If you only require to track running the cheaper TomTom appears like the much better option, while the Adidas MiCoach has an incorporated heart price monitor for anyone that doesn’t really want to wear greater than one physical fitness tracker at when, but also for many people the MySport is a detailed, if picky way to take note of your exercise regimen.