When the TomTom Runner as well as TomTom Multi-Sport GPS enjoys gotten there over two years earlier, they didn’t specifically trigger a Beatle fan-girl reaction among technology or fitness fanatics. As decent as they were, a lack of fresh or cutting-edge features held them back as well as they cannot make a solid enough situation on their own against the already reputable competition.

That all transformed with the arrival of the TomTom Jogger Cardio in 2014. Thanks to some unique physical fitness features, TomTom entered into its very own and verified it could do the ‘smartwatch thing’ along with the ‘rested nav thing’. The Jogger Cardio was just one of the initial smartwatches to present continuous optical heart rate tracking (HRM), not merely spot dimensions like a number of its rivals. This made it an even more engaging tool for any homeowner significant concerning fitness.

Fast onward 18 months as well as TomTom has actually upped its video game again with the TomTom Glow, a friendlier-looking and slimmer model that improves the very same features that made the Cardio Runner great.


First off, let’s speak about looks. The TomTom Glow has a much more subtle style when compared to the company’s previous offerings, particularly the garish red and white of the TomTom Cardio that preceded it. Apart from being much easier on the eye, the Glow is also much slimmer than its confusing precursor, so you’re a lot more likely to use it all the time, and also not just when you’re battering the tarmac.

As well as being smaller, the Glow’s restrained design implies you’re most likely to wear it throughout the day, and night. Its rubber strap implies its super comfortable to wear for extended periods and also the dual prong clasp guarantees it never ever diminishes mid-sprint, or swim, or pattern, or … the listing goes on.

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Main features

if your concept of exercise prolongs to greater than just a playinged around the block, you’ll be pleased to hear that the Spark boasts multi-sport tracking functions. Cycling, swimming, treadmill running, general health club task, or ‘freestyle’ activities could be tape-recorded, then synced to a smartphone or COMPUTER for evaluating and even archiving through TomTom’s MySports internet site (a lot more on this later). The workout options are relatively easy to navigate through and also select, and in my encounter, recordings seemed very exact and even regular with previous readings.

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Before we go any type of more: the thing you should know right here is that there are in fact four various variations of the Glow available, with somewhat various attribute collections. All models feature the multi-sport tracking listed over plus GPS monitoring, which’s it for the least expensive Glow version, which sets you back ₤ 109. For ₤ 149 you can have a Glow Cardio variation which adds heart rate tracking, or for the same rate the Spark Songs – a design with Bluetooth music playback. For ₤ 189 you can have the entire great deal with the snappily titles Spark Cardio + Songs. Phew.

As is coming to be incresingly prominent, there’s no alternative to sync smartphone notifications to the Spark. The Spark isn’t really contending in the Android Put on market then, it’s targeting physical fitness enthusiasts who wish to leave their phone behind as well as focus on melting some significant calories

There’s a great deal of option when it pertains to customisation for the Glow, too. There’s two feasible strap dimensions in a plethora of colours. The bigger band re-uses the two-pronged openings from the Jogger Cardio, which aids develop a more also secure on your wrist for far better heart rate monitoring from the optical HRM sensor in the bottom of the watch. Pulse tracking was still fast to find a reading with the smaller, one prong band, however, surpassing the older Jogger Cardio by numerous seconds.

Music playback

One of the Glow’s major marketing factors (if you have the Songs variation) is its ability to shop and even play songs directly to a pair of Bluetooth headsets so you don’t have to take your phone or MP3 gamer along with you on your run.

In just what is an advantage for runners in specific, the music playback system is backed by 3GB of on-board flash storage space, which ought to suffice for around 500 tracks. Tracks should be submitted using TomTom’s COMPUTER software application via iTunes or Windows Media Player as well as those who are particular regarding exactly what tracks they want blowing up down their ears and even in what order will enjoy to hear that playlists are supported.

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Bluetooth connection was erratic at times, and also really did not constantly link on initial attempt, so you might should be a little patient when attempting to set devices originally. Unfortunately assistance for Spotify isn’t visiting take place any kind of time soon, as TomTom claimed there was some technological problems when aiming to develop in offline playlist licensing algorithms. There is 30 mins of curated Ministry of Movie album pre-loaded onto each watch if that’s any great to you.


With a huge mono LCD present as well as TomTom’s trademark One Switch four-way push-button control beneath it, the Spark is slimmer on the wrist when as compared to the firm’s previous gadgets, meaning it won’t stand out like a sore thumb if you use it to work.

With the expanding number of touch display smartwatches presently on the market, you’ll locate on your own attempting to pick food selections with your finger on the screen, and also hence it could be instead discouraging needing to utilize the confusing four lower remote. In my experience, it can show unstable at times, not consistently registering a switch press. It can definitely gain from a less complex style, as an example repositioning the directional buttons.

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Battery life on the Glow can last around a week if you utilize it during workout only. On daily 1-hour sees to the gym, the Glow lasted usually 5-7 days in between costs for me. Nonetheless, this was with the Bluetooth music attribute powered off, and even anticipate the battery life to be halved if you utilize this feature.

Users will also see the Glow has no power-off alternative. This is because when it remains in standby, it turns off the radios and also regardless of showing the moment, uses a trace element of battery power, so there is no demand for a complete shutdown.

TomTom Jogger Cardio internet portal

When TomTom released its GPS views last year, its web site was a major weak point. It was something of a job in progression, as well as could not really contend with services from rivals such as Garmin or Polar. Today the TomTom MySports portal is a much far better product.

The finest feature of TomTom MySports is that you don’t need to utilize it. You see TomTom makes it truly simple to export your data to 3rd event solutions. Actually, TomTom MySports is based upon the Map My Health and fitness website, with both sites also discussing the same login.

If you already have a favored fitness logging service, such as NikePlus or Jawbone, you don’t even searching for to consider TomTom MySports unless you actually want to.

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TomTom Spark conclusion

With a slimmer style, even more exact and faster heart-rate tracking than previous versions, and the enhancement of Bluetooth audio playback if you want it, the TomTom Spark is a sporting activities watch offering an all-around feature set that you won’t mind wearing once you’re finished with your workout.

At ₤ 189, the complete blown, all singing as well as all dance version of the Glow isn’t really too pricey given its attributes, and is an extremely experienced physical fitness look for those wanting to maintain on top of their numerous workouts and also health and fitness goals.

However, if you’re desiring a fancy-looking smartwatch that could handle all your notifications and match the Apple Watch, for example, you’re not visiting discover it here. The TomTom Spark is a great challenger in the wearable market for those that intend to concentrate on physical fitness as well as disappoint off what impressive things they could do with their watch.