We have actually heard and discussed various Smart Watches from the tech giants like Samsung, Sony. Furthermore, we have also learnt that the Smart Watch is having applications in the field of fitness when health and fitness titans like Nike and also Adidas had actually announced their own version of Smart Watches combined with various features like accelerometer, heart little bit surveillance and many even more. With Vesag Smart Watch, it could be found out that Smart Watch has its applications in the field of medical sciences as well!

Vesag Smart Health Watch view, geek gadgets

The Vesag Smart Watch includes a GPS sensor, GSM based mobile network, improved the ZigBee (802.15.4) wireless protocol and also sustains the HTTP/TCPIP data transfer. The Vesag Smart Watch could be put on as a watch or a pendent, on a ring or a wrist. IT has actually an integrateded GENERAL PRACTITIONER to track the location and the medicine/task tips as well for people. The in-built cordless function will certainly help customers to interact conveniently via web.

The watch wisely finds any type of mistakes as well as will inform the call facility quickly for any assistance. The watch will monitor 17 various health and wellness parameters consequently providing a sign to the individuals and doctors if any sort of precautionary measures are needed priorly. Additionally, the watch has GENERAL PRACTITIONERS based clock, integrated microphone or speakerphone and also an SOS button to notify the call facility in situation of emergency. With all these features, the watch offers a considerable 60-72 several hours of standby time procedure. Here are both videos that will show you the performance of the watch.

1)  How to pair ECG with Vesag.

2) Just how to combine the Pulse Oximeter with Vesag

The Vesag health watch has served the medical fraternity around the world widespread. For this fabulous effort, Vesag has actually made fantastic credibility as well as won lots of awards from the worldwide neighborhood. To acquire this watch or view even more information about it, check out the Vesag site here.