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While TIME magazine is dealing with ridicule for its sub-optimal magazine cover featuring Oculus Rift owner Palmer Luckey on “the unexpected joy of virtual fact,” the magazine was ideal regarding a single thing: the happiness of cyberspace is not also away for mainstream adoption.

But BetaKit Senior Editor as well as We Are Wearables creator Tom Emrich, of program, went to the center of showcasing what the future of gaming will look like with enhanced as well as virtual reality for Canada AM this morning.

Emrich presented the Samsung Equipment VR Innovator Edition powered by the Samsung S6, the first consumer-available VR headset, the Epson Moverio BT-200 AR clever glasses, and also a very early variation of Sixense’s STEM system.

This isn’t really Emrich’s opening night on the program, a couple of months back, he was on Canada AM to speak concerning fitness and health wearables.

Watch Emrich’s look– as well as host Bev Thomson’s remarkable reaction– below: