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The Google Glass as we understand it may be on its means out, however those which plumped down money for the now-discontinued very first design of the wearable are still locating methods to make use of it. The Guardian has maybe found one of the most straight-out embarrassing usage of the technology in a social scenario, having two total strangers put on the gadget whilst on an arranged date together.

The video views Sarah, a 29-year-old Public Relations worker, and Ian, an ‘virtually’ 30-year-old electronic online marketer, head to an Indian dining establishment in Greater london with the eyewear in tow, where they traded usual pleasantries such as discussing the benefits of keeping remaining curry in a container bag and the pros/cons of particular footwear. Needless to state, it’s nearly unbearable.

It’s very astonishing that Sarah thought a second day with Ian would be a great idea, taking into consideration that Ian seems the kind of other that would certainly make me gouge out my eyes in order to not need to invest 10 mins with him. He resembles the kind of man that would certainly talk truly loudly on his mobile phone whilst on the tube, attempting to educate the other passengers of just how essential he is by compeling them to hear his conversation.

I have no concept what Sarah found eye-catching around Ian – maybe it was his complete lack of passion in her life? His ability to not seem like a ‘actual individual’, as Sarah placed it? Maybe we have actually all been handling this dating scenario in the wrong means, and also the key is to look like self-consumed and pesky as feasible.