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If you reviewed sufficient talk about our – and even various other tech relevant websites – you would certainly believe practically nobody was truly thrilled regarding the wearables market, specifically managing smartwatches. Whether they’re Android-based or those made by Pebble or Apple, ‘Why buy a smartwatch when my phone can do the very same thing?’ is generally the argument you’ll face many. After seeing Android Use’s incredibly reasonable smartwatch shipments in 2014, nobody was really sure how well customers would certainly require to something like the (overpriced) Apple Watch. In spite of very early testimonials not being so warm, it seems we might have blatantly undervalued the business’s brand name power and also the hold they have more than consumers’ wallets.

If there was ever before a firm that can convince a person to fork over money for a turd covered in tinfoil, it’s Apple. Talking with investors during their Q3 2015 earnings telephone call today, Apple still wouldn’t expose actual sales numbers for the Apple Watch (they claimed this is as a result of competitive reasons), however they did go down some tips, saying that the Apple Watch exceeding sales of the original apple iphone as well as iPad during when they first launched.

Apple went on to clarify that this is despite hold-ups in obtaining the Apple Watch to real retail establishments (where most sales take area) as a result of high-demand online that caused scarcities. Despite the fact that they lumped Apple Watch sales right into their ‘Other’ classification, you can consider how well they carried out in the same category last quarter – $1.7 billion – contrasted to this quarter – $2.64 billion – to obtain a much better suggestion of how the Apple Watch may have sustained this growth.

Either means, it seems the Apple Watch is performing better compared to any individual might have believed as well as that’s merely the start. Baseding on Cook, due to ‘off the charts’ very early client fulfillment scores, he anticipates energy will only remain to expand with the Apple Watch being one of the top gifts this holiday season. With talk of Android Put on perhaps including iOS support in a future update, it appears the only actual competition Apple deals with is the upcoming Moto 360 (2nd Gen) or the just recently launched Pebble Time.