cool gadgetsFrom smartwatches and also web-connected specifications to activity trackers as well as heart-rate monitors, wearables are the primary customer technology pattern for 2014– yet do they belong in the office?

Yes, baseding on a survey from ZDNet which revealed 92 % of firms want wearable technology. Several experts have likewise highlighted the potential perks in terms of communication, productivity as well as worker well-being.

Here we’ll highlight some vital stats showing the state of bet wearables in the workplace and also look at the viewpoints of a selection of thought leaders on the subject.

Wearables in the workplace

The ZDNet study revealed that almost one in five (18 %) healthcare companies has currently begun using some kind of wearable tech.

As wearables such as the web-connected and voice-activated Google Glass eyeglasses allow people to function hands-free, they have a natural put on the wards.

Though wearable technology has actually located an organic house in health care, it’s likewise being taken up in even more desk-based markets – with things such as smartwatches and task trackers providing benefits.

Here are some crucial stats from the ZDNet research study showcasing the rise of white-collar wearables:

  • 13 % of company services/consulting firms have already begun using wearable devices
  • 25 % of business service/consulting companies are planning to apply some form of wearable gadgets however are yet to set up a budget
  • 7 % of IT and technology companies have currently begun using wearable devices
  • 26 % of IT and modern technology companies are planning to apply some type of wearable tools but are yet to establish a budget

The experts’ view

We put the inquiry ‘do wearables have a location in the workplace?’ to a variety of industry professionals as well as believed leaders. Below’s just what they claimed:

Dan Rossner, IT Expert at PA Consulting Group
I expect wearable tech to be as large in company as it is the consumer market. There are 3 primary areas that will certainly drive fostering:

1.) Communication
Current devices such as clever watches permit instantaneous notifications that are a lot more convenient than checking your mobile phone. Yet as modern technology ends up being much more smart there will be numerous wearable gadgets aiding you in your functioning day, offering alerts based on what you are doing (or as a result of be doing).

2.) Safety
By providing real-time info to or from an employee, for instance via a live stream of events, integrated with various other information such as equipment readings, the security of industry employees could be boosted.

3.) Health
Soldiers and also athletes are currently checked to inspect their important data and also place health or performance problems. This will certainly increase additionally with unobtrusive gadgets built right into apparel or also inside the body to send more in-depth information.

Rob Walker, Partner for Innovation, Media and also Telecoms at EY
It is unpreventable that wearables will certainly make the future of company look really different.

If they are to be successful, contemporary businesses have to be open to new modern technologies and also make sure that such technology is taken into consideration when establishing IT security procedures. Wearable technology postures substantial difficulties to the conventional IT safety model by blurring the definition of a company’s IT boundary.

The biggest challenge that companies deal with is setting up procedures as well as support designs that resolve their safety and security issues whilst still reflecting their staff members’ requirements.

Daniel Todaro, Managing Supervisor of Gekko Group
I would certainly encourage employers to think regarding presenting wearable technology tools such as Fitbit– the activity tracker which is wirelessly-enabled as well as assesses information such as the variety of steps walked, high quality of rest, as well as other individual metrics. These devices can be used to incentivise, track and also award individuals or teamwork.

Eileen Rainsberry, EMEA Advertising and marketing Manager, Novell
Ultimately, wearable modern technology will supply even more liberty for workers to complete just what they require, increasing performance. This comes down to information, the lifeline of the business, with easy access to it resulting in a positive effect on company performance.

This held true with mobile phones, which won the hearts and also thoughts of consumers at nearly the exact same time as they became relevant in the business.

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Do you believe wearables will become common place in the office? Allow us recognize in the comments.