Wearable technology is all the buzz right now. But can Henry Ford correct regarding all the wearable tech makers when he claimed “I developeded nothing brand-new. I merely put together the explorations of other guys behind whom were centuries of job. Had I worked fifty or ten or also five years in the past, I would certainly have fallen short. It is with every new thing. Development happens when all the aspects that make for it are all set, and afterwards it is inevitable. To show that a relatively couple of men accountable for the best ahead actions of mankind is the most awful kind of nonsense”?

And if Henry Ford were right, after that how did wearable computing look like a century earlier? Have we made progression around of technology over these hundred years as well as if yes, exactly how does progress appear like? Has modern technology advanced to ultimately attain just what it was produced for – to aid humans to become better, more efficient and also to travel to locations we would certainly not or else go – or has it assisted us to automate every little thing so completely that we can unwind, loosen up, as well as enjoy the output of these machines?

As we will uncover in the article below, Henry Ford is almost totally appropriate and also today’s wearable tech tools seem to have been inspired by predictions and creativities of the previous. Take a look!

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1922: A radio in your top hat

geek gadgets

1926: In-ear headphones


1930s: Electrical front lights to discover a sincere man

1940s and 1950s: Wrist Radios

new tech gadgets

1961: To cheat at roulette

cool gadgets

1972: Shoes to victory Black Jack

geeky gadgets

1980s: Head-mounted computers

cool electronics

1992: Wearable computers

Video accepted to Nanoforge1 – Discovery Stations Beyond 2000 Wearable Computers 1992

The new millenium: All sort of physical fitness trackers to get you moving

2014: Rest tracker for your TV-viewing experience

Beyond 2015: Discovering cancer cells on very first appearance

Google, newest technology

Beyond 2015: The blind will see

blind, best gadgets