Daydream VR is amazing. It’s a brand-new channel for VR developed into Android that delivers immersive experiences through innovative sensing units and also 3D activity controls. In spite of it seeming like something that today’s software application is currently efficient in taking care of alone, it’s going to be the hardware that has to do a great deal of the heavy lifting.

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And that’s why phones will certainly need to be Daydream-certified in order to sustain Vision VR. Google wishes to guarantee a phone utilizing Daydream has all the necessary elements it requires in order to deliver a liquid experience:

  • High density, reduced latency displays
  • Powerful chipsets (Snapdragon 820 is the standard example) and 4GB of RAM
  • Advanced motion sensors past the regular gyroscope

Most phones today can not quite fulfill all these conditions, and as such Google cannot ensure (and also does not even believe) that any existing phone will certainly be Daydream-certified. Also Google’s very own Nexus 6P can not, and also that’s most likely why they’re planning making a freshened variation for 2016. It’s particularly heartbreaking when you take into consideration that programmers are utilizing existing equipment to develop for Daydream VR.

There’s constantly the slim possibility that a few of the leading devices are currently furnished, though (Galaxy S7, HTC 10 or LG G5, we really hope?) will make it onto the checklist, so we’re holding out hope. If absolutely nothing else, we expect that the development neighborhood will discover some way to make certain these ‘uncertified’ devices can appreciate Daydream VR apps as well as video games with a bit of hacking.